Marc Zakroff    b. 1978,  Philadelphia, PA  (

Marc Zakroff is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most innovative and creative forces to enter the art world.  Known for his impeccable attention to detail, his unique style reflects an imaginative vision which expands the definition of pop art.  

Marc produces abstract collages using mass media images, comics, and found material laid flat on deep cradled hardboard.  His original works have images wrapped around the entire border and are covered with a clear polyurethane finish to provide a smooth final product that brings his art to life.

There’s a method to his madness.  Over the years, Marc has refined his technique and produced an innovative style that reflects his energy and creativity.

Marc draws influence from the images that flash before our eyes everyday.  He blends iconic images of the past and present to produce stunning visual depictions that stand the test of time.  “I tend to layer my pieces with iconic images that I find appealing and I have some favorites that often reappear in my freestyle and commissioned works.  Whether hidden or out in the open, you’re bound to find The Beatles, Elvis, Ali, 007, Monroe, or Superman somewhere in my work.”

Truly unique, audiences have described his work as pop-infused imagery and are amazed by the new images they discover after revisiting the same piece for a 2nd or 3rd time.  “You wouldn’t believe how often people pull me aside to point out a picture they love in my work..........I’ve seem ‘em all, but it’s still flattering to see how excited they get.”

Often working on several pieces at once, Marc is constantly producing work from his studio in Philadelphia. His most recent works include the ‘2012 Freestyle’ series, which will be on display later this year.

Marc’s work can be found in private collections worldwide and his commissioned pieces are in high demand.